What is SHE-Y?

SHE-Y is an Italian luxury brand that uses the highest quality Shea Butter combined with other rare ingredients to create special all-natural products.
SHE-Y was designed and created by Menaye Donkor Muntari.

Where are creams, scrubs and oils produced?

SHE-Y products are made in scrupulous observance of the ancient traditions of extraction and treatment of Shea Butter. Respect for nature, quality and strictly craftsmanship play a central role in the philosophy of SHE-Y, which stands out for its integrity and dedication to these particular values. Its exclusive products contain pure first-class Shea Butter from Ghana, to which is added a mixture of other rich ingredients produced in the best Italian laboratories.

Do SHE-Y products contain parabens?

No, the products in the SHE-Y collection are natural and do not contain parabens.

Are animal tests performed?

No, never. SHE-Y is completely cruelty free. No animals are mistreated to test our products.

Where can I find the full list of ingredients?

The list of ingredients is present on the single product sheet on the website.
If you want specific information use the contact form or send an email to info@she-y.com.

When will I receive my order?

We use express couriers to speed up delivery times. All shipments depart from Italy.
In Italy delivery can take 3-4 days. A couple more days for the rest of Europe.

Why subscribe to the newsletter?

You can receive discount coupons, information and updates on the world of skincare and beauty routine. Enter the world of SHE-Y.

How can I recover my password?

On the login page you can click on “forgot your password?” and follow the password reset procedure.

Can I change my data?

Yes, by accessing your profile with username and password you can update your data.
Name, Last Name, Password, Billing and shipping address and payment method.
From your interface, you can also check the status of orders, see your wishlist or receive notifications on product availability.

What should I do in case of missing or damaged products?

Check as soon as possible that the delivery includes all and only the products purchased and promptly inform SHE-Y of any defect in the products received or their discrepancies with respect to the order placed, failing which the products will be considered accepted. If the packaging or wrapping of the products you have ordered should arrive at their destination clearly damaged, refuse delivery by the carrier / shipper or accept delivery “with reserve”.

I would like to contact you…

For any other questions you can contact the customer service team by writing an email to info@she-y.com