Menaye Donkor was born on March 20th 1981 in Toronto, Ontario-Canada. She was brought up by her parents in Accra, Ghana and is the youngest of 7 children. She received her primary education in Ghana and graduated with an Honors degree in Marketing from York University in Toronto, Canada.

After winning Miss Universe Ghana in 2004, Menaye established a career in modeling and moved to New York City. She worked as an editorial model and graced the covers of many well-known magazines in Europe. Modeling opened many doors for Menaye and enabled her to establish many businesses.

Menaye is also a philanthropist and has worked tirelessly for over a decade to improve the lives of women and children in her home country Ghana through the Menaye Charity Organization. In 2004, she established the Menaye School of Hope under this organization and provides free quality basic education and scholarships to rural underprivileged children in Ghana. She is solely responsible for raising funds to support the school with an objective to build Menaye School of Hope in all the 10 regions in Ghana. Menaye has also worked with over 600 Ghanaian children infected/Affected with HIV/AIDS.

Her commitment to give back to her homeland continues. In September 2012, Menaye was honored and chosen by the Chief and elders, of Agona Asafo in the Central Region of Ghana, to be the ‘Nkosuohemaa’ or ‘Development Queen’ of Agona Asafo. Her official stool name for this prestigious title is Nanahemaa Menaye Afumade Afrakoma I. It signifies her global responsibility to her people and as well as her contributions to society.

In 2013 She made the list of the 15 Most Influential Africans in Canada, which celebrated individuals who continuously inspire others through great achievements. In 2015, Menaye was honored with the “Woman of The Year” award by the Infant Charity Award in Milan. The Infant Charity Award is an organization that recognizes the work of different individuals and associations who support improving the lives of sick children.

Menaye currently resides in Milan, Italy with her husband and son.